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Kayla Diane Boner

This memorial website was created by people that loved Kayla.

Kayla (Kay Kay) Boner who was born in Pella IA on October 22, 1993 and passed away on November 2, 2007 at the age of 14. We will remember her smile forever.

When Kayla was only a small child everyone talked about how sweet she was and she never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings. She was polite and respectful. She always knew she had something special that not everyone had and that was a bond with her family and friends that could not be interrupted or altered no matter what would come. She knew that and appreciated that. She played football with the boys, softball, volleyball, track and basketball. Even though she was the youngster of the two girls, she was always the tallest.  She loves to spend time on her computer and talking on the phone to all her friends

She was very competitive and not a great loser but was still respectful. She loved to play softball and basketball and was looking forward to learn how to play golf.  Even though when her sister took her golfing she was really frustrated.  Some families have ups and downs, and we did with Kayla. I have not one simple regretful moment with her. I am sure of only one thing and that is… she was here for our joy. Her family, her close friends, her not so close friends, her locker buddies, teammates and opponents witnessed her beautiful smile and laugh. She had already found true love with Kurt at only 14 and there was no doubt in her heart it was the real thing.

The pain of losing her is a debilitating kind of pain. I realize other people have lost loved ones and I have empathized, but never thought it would be my family.  I know I am now part of that new club and it is not one that I ever imagined I would join.  I have lost a piece of my own heart and soul and know it can never be replaced and from this moment forward life is never the same. I had plans with her and for her. I had hopes and dreams for her and they are now destroyed. We must find a new way to live and that seems like the most impossible task. Life is “out of order” and everything from the moment I wake up until I go to bed is now out of order. It does not seem fair to outlive a child of such perfection. I don’t ask why, I just ask how. How do me and my family move forward, how do I let go, how do I possibly spend another 50 years without her here.

I am amazed at the support from Kayla’s friends, teachers, coaches, and the community. She was loved by so many people. I also realize that we have been embraced by another kind of family and that is the family from our friends. I would like to especially thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers, kind words, flowers, donations, but mostly I want to thank you for your love. Please continue to be patient and help me to be strong because I want to continue to do what I love to do and that is help others.

We cannot express enough gratitude to the overwhelming support we have received and we need for you all to know that it did not go unnoticed. Thank you for celebrating her life. We know she always liked to be “seen”….I believe she is beautifully smiling from up above.

Dana Boner

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